Fourteen-year-old girl describes how she was date-raped

The book "It happened to Nancy", published by Avon Books inc., is from the diary of a fourteen-year-old girl, recounting actual events. In her diary she describes, painfully, how she was seduced by a man and date-raped. This information will help to bring awareness, and will help in the fight against rape and sexual abuse.

The ellipses (...) indicate the omission of one or more sentences.

The reproduction is for educational purposes only.

"Just as I raced in the house all hot and sweaty, the phone rang. Guess who. Who else? He said he'd called twice before I got in, but I couldn't have gotten here any faster if I'd been able to fly. It's like Christmas and all the birthdays parties in the world combined, with the Fourth of July sparklers and firecrackers thrown in.

Collin is going to come over and fix dinner for just the two of us! He says he's the world's fanciest, smanciest cook, and it will be a dinner that we'll never forget, a special, special dinner that will be our favorite to the end of time. And it will be! (...)

It was was fun. Like playing house for real, with real music and real laughter and real wine cooler in Mom's beautiful, real champagne glasses.


After a while, he lit a fire in our little fireplace and oops - I remembered I was supposed to spend the night with El.

Scared to death that her mom might drop by to pick me up before I could call her, I dialed the phone frantically. What would she think if she dropped in? and she might; she had a key for emergencies.


I told her I had real bad cramps, and I wanted to sleep in my own bed.

At first she seemed unsure; then she made me promise to go put the latches on both doors, and she waited on the phone for me to do it. It was funny, Collin and I giggling quietly as we tiptoed to each door and bolted it.

Finally, Mrs. Warner wished me good night and hung up, and Collin and I crumpled on the floor in fits of laughter.


I made Collin promise that he would leave at the stroke of midnight.


Collin mixed a little bottle of something in our wine cooler, and it kind of ruined the taste, but at this point I couldn't say or even think anything negative. He had started becoming a little handsy, and I liked it... but I didn't like it too.


It seemed like only seconds had passed when the clock started chiming midnight. I scrambled to my feet, tipsily walked toward the door to hold it open for him.

The next thing I knew, Collin had picked me up bodily and was carrying me into my mother's room. I struggled like crazy. I wanted to... but I didn't want too... Collin whispered I should... I cried I shouldn't...

Collin dropped me down on my mother's soft flowered comforter, and I fought back with all my might.


The whole scene keeps going over my brain like a stuck record. My pleading, then screaming, "No, Collin, no. Please. Please, Collin... don't."


After a while, Collin pulled back and looked at me like I had hit him in the face with a crowbar or something. He seemed mortally wounded. "You mean you don't love me?" I could feel his pain.


In spite of myself, I blubbered, "Yes... I guess I love you... but..." He started again, and I tried to squirm away, hitting and pushing. "Collin, I'm only fourteen, I'm only in junior high school... (...) Tears and snot were running down my face. It was awful but he didn't seem to care. I tried every way I knew to get away. I even bit him... but he raped me."


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