Was Lula an opportunist or just a dupe in the hands of communism?

Was Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva an opportunist or just a dupe in the hands of communism?

J. Edgar Hoover, former director of the FBI, studied communism throughout his life, and in his book he describes many types who get involved with communism. Of those types, I have selected two. One is the opportunist and the other is the dupe. Maybe Lula wasn't really a dishonest man, maybe he was just duped by the communists, just fooled by the communists. Let's see the explanations of J. Edgar Hoover:

Opportunists. Another group that falls, on occasion, under communist thought control consists of opportunists, individuals who, if they can benefit personally, will knowingly support the Party in return for support or favors from it. Opportunists are cynical and self-seeking, not caring that by cooperating with the communists, even though temporarily, they are injuring the nation.

Source: J. Edgar Hoover in the book Masters of Deceit, Page 91 Henry Holt edition, available online.

Communists watch eagerly for such opportunists; they are usually easy to influence and exploit. The self-seeker, fighting to win an election or wanting to earn some easy money, may listen to communist double talk and cooperate. Not that the Party is under any illusions; the opportunist is not going to be converted. He will denounce communist support just as quickly as he accepted it. Relations are strictly "dog eat dog," each trying to exploit the other. But the opportunist can be used.

Source: J. Edgar Hoover in the book Masters of Deceit, pages 92-93 Henry Holt edition, available online.

But I think that Lula is a simple man, he was a lathe operator, and perhaps he didn't get to understand all the schemes of communism. Maybe he was just a dupe in the hands of the communist bosses. See what J. Edgar Hoover has to say about dupes:

Dupes. The final area is that of the dupe, or innocent victim, the individual who unknowingly is under communist thought control and does the work of the Party.

A tragedy of the past generation in the United States is that so many persons, including high-ranking statesmen, public officials, educators,
ministers of the gospel, professional men, have been duped into helping communism. Communist leaders have proclaimed that communism must be partly built with noncommunist hands, and this, to a large extent, is true.

Communist propaganda is tailored to attract noncommunists. Communism offers a bogus "spiritual appeal," a "Kingdom of God on earth," Its tactics and strategy are covered with attractive, appealing words, such as "freedom," "justice," and "equality." The communists claim they are working for a "better world," that they have the answer to discrimination, exploitation, and economic want. To fight for communism, they say, is to become part of the most sacred crusade in the history of man. Many well-meaning citizens, attracted by these words and not seeing behind the communist intentions, have been swept into the communist thought-control net. Most are sincerely interested in improving society, and there are many ways in which our society can and should be improved. They are willing to devote their time, talents, and energies to a "sacred cause." That is how communist thought control works. If it can influence you on any matter, regardless of how minor, making you think favorably toward communism, it has gained. It has something to sell everyone.

J. Edgar Hoover in the book Masters of Deceit, page 93 Henry Holt edition, available online.

Well, if Lula was just a dupe he will, sooner than we think, renounce the alliance with the communists. And in the future, we may see Lula and his party, PT, running against the communists. Who knows?

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