The Birth of Modern Science

Below I share with you all the text that tells how modern science really was born. It tells how the real scientists made their experiments and how they began to doubt everyone’s say-so, no matter how important the person was said to be. This will help us reflect on science nowadays. Some sciences of today wouldn't have been considered science back then. Thus I wonder how people treat nowadays' psychiatry and psychology as sciences when there seems to be nothing to prove their legitimacy...

Surely some of the methods used by psychiatrists and psychologists are scientific, for instance, hypnosis is completely scientific and watertight; but today, people accept diagnosis without any lab test. People are diagnosed after only a few minutes of conversation with a doctor, and this surely isn't scientific. But read the text!

But at this time, in the middle of the seventeenth century, great things were astir in the world. Here and there in France and England and Italy rare men were thumbing their noses at almost everything that passed for knowledge. 'We will no longer take Aristotle's say-so, nor the Pope's say-so', said these rebels; 'we will trust only the perpetually repeated observations of our own eyes and the careful weighings of our own scales; we will listen to the answers experiments give us and no other answers!'

So in England a few of these revolutionists started a society called the invisible college- it had to be invisible because that man Cromwell might have hung them for plotters and heretics if he had heard of the strange questions they were trying to settle. What experiments those solemn searchers made!

Put a spider in a circle made of the powder of a unicorn's horn and the spider can't crawl out - so said the wisdom of the day. But these Invisible Collegians? One of them brought what was supposed to be powdered unicorn's horn and another came carrying a little spider in a bottle. The College crowded around under the light of high candles. Silence, the hushed experiment, and here is their report of it:
"A circle was made with the powder of unicorn's horn and a spider set in the middle of it, but it immediately ran out."

Crude, you exclaim. Of course! But remember that one of the members of this College was Robert Boyle, founder of the science of Chemistry, and another was Isaac Newton. Such was the Invisible College, and presently, when Charles II came to the throne, it rose from its depths as a sort of blind pig scientific society to the dignity of the name of the Royal Society of England. And they were Antony Leeuwenhoek's first audience!

MICROBE HUNTERS by Paul de Kruif, page 11

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