Commonest misconceptions about human sexuality

I prefer the word "HETEROSEXUAL" to "STRAIGHT", because "STRAIGHT" is the contrary of "TWISTED", and I don't think that homosexuals are twisted at all! Thus I think that the term "STRAIGHT" is rather offensive. I also prefer the word "HOMOSEXUAL" and avoid as much as possible the words "GAY" and "LESBIAN", which I consider as offensive as "FAG" and "DYKE". It's because "GAY" originally means "joyous and lively; merry; happy; lighthearted" (WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY), and I don't think that the word "gay" must be a privilege of homosexuals only. "LESBIAN" is an inhabitant of the Greek island LESBOS, and of course, not everyone born in Lesbos is homosexual, therefore the word "LESBIAN" shouldn't be used to talk about homosexual women.

Below you'll find facts that refute the commonest misconceptions about human sexuality.

Here are some facts about human sexuality:
1- Some men like dressing like women, but aren't homosexual at all! Men that like dressing like women or women that like dressing like men are CROSS-DRESSERS, that's only a fetish. The fantasy of many men who CROSS-DRESS is to have sex with a woman while dressed like a woman!

2- Many men actually like to be penetrated anally, but they're not homosexual. Again, it's a fetish. There are men that like to be penetrated anally BY WOMEN with STRAP-ON DILDOS. NOTICE that a man isn't less heterosexual because he likes to be penetrated anally. He only does it with women, for he abhors men, like any other heterosexual man. There are some men that hire CALL GIRLS or ESCORT GIRLS to have this anal penetration.

3- Not all male homosexuals enjoy anal sex. Male homosexuality isn't a synonym of anal sex! There are many male homosexuals that don't like anal sex at all. Some male homosexuals only do oral sex (blowjob) or manual stimulation of the genitalia (handjob), or mutual masturbation.

4- Not all people that undergo Sex Reassignment Surgery are homosexual. Some of them are HERMAPHRODITE. Sex Reassignment Surgery can be a male-to-female surgery, with the removal of the penis and the construction of a vagina through VAGINOPLASTY, or the female-to-male surgery with the construction of a penis through METOIDIOPLASTY.


The sexuality of men is aroused mainly by the SIGHT, whereas the sexuality of women is aroused more by TOUCH.

SIGHT is deceptive. When I see the beautiful robot girl below I can't deny that I think of sex. I only know that I will never be able to have sex with her because she has NO VAGINA, she has NO CLITORIS and NO VAGINAL SECRETIONS, and even if she had a vagina, it's impossible for a robot to have the natural taste and smell of a vagina.

Japanese Robot Girl Can Do Anything For You!

Kim Petras is a German trans woman, a person who underwent Sex Reassignment Surgery and now has a vagina. But once again, it's not possible to construct a vagina with the natural feminine secretions of a born vagina.

Kim Petras - Feel it Official Music Video

Bailey Jay is a transsexual, but since she had no Sex Reassignment Surgery she is called a SHEMALE or TRANNY.

Bailey Jay - 7 Questions

When I look at the robot, at Kim Petras, and at Bailey Jay I am turned on by their beauty, because unconsciously I imagine a natural born vagina. Actually I've already praised the beauty of transsexuals many times, even hit on them jokingly, if I had met the robot personally I probably would hit on her too! But I wouldn't have any relationship with them, for the reasons I pointed out. And, of course, I've always respected their feelings and told them straight away that I don't have that kind of relationship...

Masculinity is "those qualities conventionally supposed to make a man an excellent specimen of manhood, traditionally physical strength and courage", according to the BLOOMSBURY CONCISE ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Society created a series of behaviors that men must follow to be regarded as a man. One of the behaviors required is to be homophobic!

When I was young people said that I was gay because I said that the trans woman Roberta Close is beautiful. Because of that I started considering myself bisexual. I always thought that trans women are beautiful and sexy. I only stopped considering myself bisexual when I read more about human sexuality and understood that sexuality is clearly defined by the desire for the SEX ORGAN. And I crave born vaginas for the attributes above mentioned.

Surely what I really like are the missionary position, MUFF DIVING, and WOMAN ON TOP; I love the female skin and I like to feel it all the time. I'm not very fond of doggy style (when a woman turns her ass to me I feel like giving a Greek kiss instead!) because I can't touch the woman much in such position.

One of the strangest things about sexuality is that some men have homosexual relationships but they think that it's not. Some men think that only the passive partner in a homosexual relationship is homosexual! And some men strongly believe that it's not homosexual to give or receive oral sex from a man.

Anyway, sometimes a man has had a one-time relationship with a transsexual - who he first thought to be a woman - and this doesn't necessarily mean that such a man is homosexual. But another type of man are married for a long time and never had a homosexual relationship but ONLY because he himself is homophobic... and to make up for the homosexual relationship that he really wanted he tries to have anal sex with his regular wife and insists on it all the time...

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