Sexual dysfunctions caused by psychiatric drugs

When I left the lunatic asylum in 1999, I experienced horrible side effects from the psych drugs, including blurred vision, difficulty to masticate the food, salivation, tongue-twistedness, rigidness... rigidness in my arms and legs, because a certain member wasn't rigid at all... I wasn't very enthusiastic about my own sexuality, but I did masturbate to feel how my body was, but IT took a while to go up.

When I was leaving the lunatic asylum the shrink said, "you gotta get a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. You gotta get someone." I think he gave the same recommendation to my family. Thus I think it may be regarded as a medical recommendation. Then one of my brothers, my eldest brother-german, took me to a prostitute. It's always good to see the nice body of a beautiful woman naked, but unfortunately it didn't go up, I failed. The weird thing is that the woman was so businesslike that she just caught my turned-off penis, caught my dead penis and stuck it in her vagina and I don't know how it entered! But it didn't work... it didn't go up. There was no sexual intercourse. At the time I was taking a high dose of haloperidol.

A few months later the psychiatrist reduced the dose and I was feeling better sexually. Then my other brother-german took me to a kind of red light district, where I met other prostitute but instead of spending the money with the prostitute I preferred to buy some study materials, and I think that was a much better investment.

In 2001 I was hospitalized again and the medication was much higher, I was taking more medication than ever and had practically given up on sexuality, for it was really DEAD. In 2003 a new psychiatrist prescribed lithium. Wow! I felt that my sexuality had returned and I was feeling fine! In 2005 I was working and so I decided to go to a prostitute by myself, to test if I could really put IT up in a relationship with a woman. I shouldn't have worried! Only the sight of the beautiful prostitute had it up and hard immediately! I was enthusiastic, and I finally had an intercourse. The prostitute orgasmed on me, she bathed me with her liquid, but... I could only pay 1 hour and no matter how fast I did it, I couldn't reach orgasm, I couldn't even heat it up, for one hour was all that I could afford and it is such little time. Surely it was nice to see the woman orgasming on me, but it is really frustrating to have to go without an orgasm and have to masturbate at home to satisfy the need.

At about 2008 I begged to a new psychiatrist to stop taking lithium, for there was some horrible side effects, and in that period I decided to go to a prostitute again, and I was sure that I would put it up and function all right, but it didn't work. I couldn't get it up. I was desperate! I was taking risperidona and my penis was dead again...

Well, in 2009 I begged again to the psychiatrist to give me lithium. Now it took some time to my sexuality return, but it returned, and AGAIN I went to the prostitutes to see if my penis would work all right! It did work, it went up, but unfortunately I couldn't pay more than one hour and a half and had to see the prostitute coming, orgasming on me and I couldn't have an orgasm again. I decided to invest a bit more on sex and I went to the prostitutes once again the following day and almost all my money went away and I couldn't have an orgasm, again! The prostitutes looked at one another puzzled and asked, "Chum, don't you ever cum?" To which I replied, "Yes, but not so fast. I hope one day I can cum with a woman. But I need more time."

I wanted to go on trying, but I remembered that I had to go to a professional meeting and couldn't stay any longer. But when I was leaving I saw a beautiful, hot brunette. I mentioned how hot she was and said that the other day I would go have sex with her. The other prostitutes who were having fun with me said, "Go now, chum."
My gosh! They wanted to take away all my money!
And all the time that I spent with the prostitutes brought me a sense of loneliness. And also a question:
How much would I have to pay to be with a woman long enough to have an orgasm? Such thought brings a horrible sense of loneliness. And to think that there are many men that have a woman with them for hours every day and just don't give them real love.

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