Doctors talk about psych drugs and chemical imbalance

Below I share a compilation of texts and speeches by mental health professionals. It's for educational purposes only.

Psychiatric Times Psychotherapy perspectives in medication management by Simon Sobo, MD:
Axis I disorders are boldly portrayed as " chemical imbalances" in patient brochures, news articles and other educational materials.

The problem with this portrayal is that, while some day we may accumulate the knowledge to demonstrate the particulars of this perspective, no such chemical imbalances have been unequivocally demonstrated for any disorder. (...)

I would argue that there are certain psychological effects of medications that make them useful in a variety of DSM-IV -defined disorders not because they are necessarily correcting a chemical imbalance, but because the psychological effect is useful.
Psychotherapy Perspectives in Medication Management, by Simon Sobo, MD.

(See more at: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/psychotherapy/psychotherapy-perspectives-medication-management#sthash.4Q26UPQO.dpuf)

The psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, in the video Peter Breggin, MD: Do You Have a Biochemical Imbalance? From 03:35 to 04:01:
Psychiatric drugs are causing biochemical imbalances in your brain. They get into the normal brain and they change it. Whether it's nicotine, which you're smoking, whether it's alcohol you're drinking, The drug is changing your brain. And that's why when you stop you get a withdrawal reaction. Because the drug has changed your brain.

The text of Dr. Simon Sobo, MD was mentioned in the video Truth About Antidepressants & Chemical Imbalance, Psychology, just as it's above, except that instead of saying "Axis I disorders" the person in the video said "Mental disorders", which means the same. Axis I disorders are mental disorders, contrasted to Axis II disorders, which are personality disorders.

We can conclude from all these texts that psychiatric drugs may be helpful in an emergency, but it may be VERY harmful in the long term. And no doubt it should be replaced by other options such as orthomolecular medicine. Why orthomolecular medicine? Because orthomolecular medicine is based in correcting the nutritional habits of the patient, by suggesting natural food to improve certain areas of health. It's up to us to fight for the inclusion of more treatments based on natural measures, such as orthomolecular medicine. The picture may change if orthomolecular studies be included in all courses of medicine.

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